Address & Phone Number

228 North 2nd Avenue SW, Rome, GA 30165
Mailing Address: PO Box 1791, Rome, GA 30162

Telephone: (706) 236-2123
Fax: (706)236-2125


Banking Hours
Bank Lobby
Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM
Drive Thru
Monday-Thursday 8 AM-5 PM
Friday 8 AM-6 PM
Saturday 9 AM-Noon
Lost or Stolen Cards
  • LOST OR STOLEN DEBIT CARD: 800-500-1044
  • FALCON (DEBIT CARD SECURITY): 800-369-4887
  • LOST OR STOLEN CREDIT CARD: 800-854-7642
Executive Management Team

Jamie C. Tallent, President & CEO
Direct: (706)236-3551

Connie J. Williams, Chief Financial Officer
Direct: (706)236-3552

Alicia S. Durden, COO & Information Security Officer
Direct: (706)236-3541

Jonathan P. Jones, Senior Credit Officer
Direct: (706)236-3533

Andrew M. Williams IV, Director of Corporate Strategy & Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)236-3559

Retail Banking

Beth Guice, Client Services Manager
Direct: (706)236-3544

Angie Beard, Vice President, Private Banking
Direct: (706)236-3522 (NMLS# 793109)

River City Ramblers

Sue White, Coordinator
Direct: (706)236-2123

Trust & Brokerage

David Tomlin, Wealth Advisor
Direct: (706)236-3536

Rob Masters, Wealth Advisor
Direct: (706)236-3549

Kitty Barton, Wealth Advisor
Direct: (706)314-2051

Nancy Taylor, LPL Client Services Associate
Direct: (706)236-3561

Commercial Banking

David Mullinax, Commercial Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)314-2052 (NMLS# 684350)

Shane Walley, Commercial Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)314-2055

Andrew Williams, Commercial Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)236-3559

Consumer Lending

Bryan Shealy, Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)236-3538 (NMLS# 793111)

Shane Walley, Relationship Manager
Direct: (706)314-2055 (NMLS# 1945364)

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