The bank you’d create if you were starting your own.

At River City Bank, we’re looking beyond the expected in banking. We’ve created an elevated experience by breaking with convention, rewriting the rules, and enjoying the process.

Service with a purpose: your complete satisfaction.
River City Bank is the bank you’d create if you were starting your own – with wonderful possibilities that are now open to you: the opportunity to bank where you’re genuinely respected and appreciated, where you can be a part of something truly different.

We have committed to assemble a great team of local bankers, and we believe that we have the very best. Our career bankers know banking. You’ll recognize our organizers and bankers as trusted advisers who’ve been diligently serving the financial needs of this community for years.

At River City Bank, we don’t believe in good service. Good just isn’t good enough.

Great is what we’re after …it’s what you deserve and what you expect. This is what defines us: great service from every team member within the bank. In fact, it’s our promise to you: better service than you’d ever expect.

We will treat every customer with courtesy, enthusiasm, and professionalism. Every customer will have a friend, their own banker at River City Bank. We will offer our clients the service and technology to meet their needs today. And tomorrow.

So join the bank that has changed the banking landscape in Northwest Georgia.