Relationship Based: Time and experience has shown us that getting to know you and your family first leads to giving you the best service and advice. Most people have an idea of their needs. We help work those needs into goals and those goals into a plan of action to achieve those dreams.

Value Proposition: As your Fiduciary, we have the duty of loyalty and care to our clients. We put the client’s interest above our own. We seek to engage you in the planning process. Our fees are based on assets managed and not commission based.

Why River City Bank? We get paid to tell you the truth. Sometimes it’s an easy conversation, but sometimes you need an advisor you can trust for an honest assessment, no matter how difficult that may be. You deserve an advisor and fiduciary you can trust to do the right thing all the time, not just when it is convenient.

Philosophy: Our team can assist you with investment management, trust administration and estate planning. We understand that every person is different and that you deserve someone who is looking out for your best interest. We will get to know your individual and family situations and work with you in making sure that you get where you want to be financially.