Many people are aware of the financial risks they face, yet have done little to address the issues in ways that will make a difference in their long-term financial independence. A little more than half of full-time working Americans participate in a retirement plan. Indeed, even if you have a pension that seems fairly solid, a 401(k) or both, you could still be at financial risk if your overall portfolio is not optimized for performance.

We work to help ensure that your employer- and non-employer-based assets complement one another, not duplicate. Based on risk profile and time horizon, we seek to maximize performance and reduce risk through overall portfolio diversification. This may include recommendations for adding alternative asset categories with low or negative correlation to other holdings.

We factor into our analyses the costs of health care and long-term care, which include the financial burdens a client may assume in connection with caring for an elderly parent. We also explain the roles of Medicare, Medicaid, retiree health benefits and private health insurance in the overall financial plan.

Time and experience has shown us that getting to know you and your family first leads to giving you a high level of service and advice. Most people have an idea of their needs, and we help put those needs into goals and those goals into a plan of action to pursue your dreams.

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